The Nicki Hoyne Collection is handmade in Spain by master craftspeople. All materials are sourced within Europe as close as possible to the factory. We are working to become a fully sustainable brand ensuring our suppliers and their processes are as sustainable as possible.

Nicki Hoyne Collection Bags
Nicki Hoyne Collection Blue Croc Bag


Always a fan of a pop of colour. Nicki found that sustainable, conscious brands were muted and minimal. She has created this collection to bring you fun, quality designs with a conscience. We celebrate individuality, vibrancy and a passion for well made, slow fashion products.

My Story

Nicki Hoyne founded award winning online accessories store, My Shining Armour in 2014. Nicki combined her love of fashion, business and innovation to create the Irish success story. In her travels with My Shining Armour she learned where products came from and their effects on our planet. She began researching how she could create more meaningful fashion accessories that were still fun and beautiful but most importantly were sustainable.

Nicki is a TedxTalk speaker and has her own successful Podcast, The Hero Podcast sharing inspiring stories.

Nicki Hoyne Collection Silver Glitter Shoes With Mint Tassel